SamplerBox 2

Sampleplayer for a Raspberry PI 3

New Features:
• Raspberry PI3 support: Full support of Raspberry PI 3
• Accurate Velocity (bug Fix): Full dynamic range restored
• Shift Samples: Change velocity range over samples
• Freeverb: Full implementation of Freeverb
• Stereo Backing Track and Click Track: Playback of Backing Tracks
• Tone Control: Allow for multiple Filters (experimental)
• Limit notes from sustain pedal: Increase polyphony
• LCD display 2x16: Show levels and info
For detailed info see manual.

The whole process took way too much time and perhaps the modified code could look somewhat better. I use it everyday in my setup and is working great for me. Just wanted to share my work for everybody and support when possible. I'll check the SamplerBox Forum for questions.

Based on SamplerBox by Joseph Ernest and the SamplerBox additions by Hans



Update Files

USB folder